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BROCHIER Heritage Collection 2021 | Home decoration fabrics

BROCHIER presents the new Heritage collection

BROCHIER Heritage Collection pays homage to the brand’s classic and iconic prints, proposing them in a contemporary style and in a high quality jacquard version.

A signature collection that represents the excellence of Clerici Tessuto high-end textile craftsmanship. All the designs have been created in-house by our designers.

The choice of the name Heritage is intended to underline the importance of being part of a textile group with a century-old industrial experience and craftsmanship tradition.

The Heritage collection is divided into two releases, a preview in June with ten fabrics and a second release in January 2022.

The highlight of the collection is 3D, a jacquard fabric featuring a geometric pattern inspired by the lines and shadows of the 20th century buildings. The different weaves and shades of color create a beautiful three-dimensional effect.
Proposed in ten colors, it can be combined with our new Shade fabric, a striped jacquard, characterized by the sinuosity of the lines and the softness of the degrading tones, enhanced by the alternation of colored and shiny threads.

The Heritage collection features three designs with a strong visual impact, Merida, Scaramuccia and Lumiere, created by our designers and reproduced using the gobelin technique. This is a very complex jacquard technique that imitates tapestry work.
The name comes from the famous Gobelins manufactory in Paris, which has been in business since the beginning of the 17th century. Warp and weft, in different colors, are skillfully interwoven thanks to a particular reading of the pattern that brings out the colors and reproduces every detail, creating a sturdy fabric with a textured effect and a refined weave, ideal for upholstery.

Among the fabrics to be released in June there is Cortex, a polyester and cotton blend plain fabric, featuring a texture reminiscent of tree bark, ideal for both curtains and upholstery.
The Cortex base is also used for Oak, an elegant geometric fabric with a vintage feel, available in four colors that can be matched with our Wonderland fabric.
Wonderland is a jacquard fabric with a decorative design inspired by the fauna of Italian woods, reinterpreted in a fantasy style featuring mythological animals. It is characterized by a classic base in moiré fabric that enhances the modernity of the design. Suitable for small furnishing accessories that can add a delicate and trendy touch to classic and modern interiors.

Download the Heritage brochure.

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