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Add burgundy accents to your fall home décor

Burgundy is the colour of ripe grapes, autumn leaves and wine; an enveloping tone, a mixture of brown and purple that inspires warmth and evokes noble garments. It’s a beautiful and refined shade of red that has always been a sign of great style with a certainly retro flavour, but with an evergreen soul.

Using burgundy for the whole room could be rather overwhelming, but you can add just several burgundy accents to make a statement in any room. Armchairs, sofas, throws pillows or bedspreads are great for this aim. An accent chair in a lush burgundy velvet, such as our soft viscose cotton velvet DIAMANTE or our vintage-effect cotton velvet BOSFORO, could truly warm up an all white and gray space.

Have a look at the above photo gallery and get inspired by BROCHIER’s stunning burgundy red fabrics.

For more information on our velvet fabrics, we invite you to visit your local BROCHIER stockist, or contact us at +39 031 455 330.

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