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Privacy & Cookie Policy

INFORMATION ON PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING of users visiting Clerici Tessuto & C. s.p.a. websites pursuant to article 13 of (EU) Regulation 2016/679


Pursuant to (EU) Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter “Regulation”), this page describes the data processing procedures for users visiting Clerici Tessuto & C. s.p.a. websites, accessible at the following addresses:

This information provided does not concern other websites, pages or online services that can be accessed through hyperlinks that may be published on such websites, but related to sources outside the domain of Clerici Tessuto & C. s.p.a.

Controller of the processing

Clerici Tessuto S.p.A. (hereinafter also the “Company”) is the Company processing your data and, for legal purposes, it is considered the Controller of such data. In this role, it is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the necessary and appropriate organizational and technical measures for the protection of your data. The company’s registered office is in Via Belvedere, 1/a, Grandate, Como. For further information on your rights, please consult the section “Your rights”.

Information on data processing

This section aims to inform visitors of the aforementioned websites about the main aspects of personal data processing. In particular, the following information will be useful to understand:

which subjects are processing your data and how to contact them;
which data is processed;
how and why your data is analyzed;
As defined by our company policy, and pursuant to the Regulation mentioned above, such processing will follow the principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your privacy and rights. The Company ensures its compliance with the legal provisions applicable to personal data processing. In particular, the Company ensures its compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Code on personal data protection” and any subsequent amendments and integrations and of EU Regulation nr. 679 of 2016 on personal data protection, which came into force on May 25, 2018.

Types of Personal Data collected

The Personal Data collected by the Company, autonomously or through third parties, includes: personal details, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses and all data shared upon registration of personal accounts and navigation data, as defined below. The functioning of this website is in virtue of IT systems and software procedures acquiring personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols: IP addresses, domain names of users’ laptops and computers, URI/URL addresses of the resource requested and related time, method used to submit the request to the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system of the user’s IT environment. The data acquired is necessary for the use of web services and can be processed to obtain statistical information on the use of the services (most read articles, numbers of visitors per day, geographical area), as well as to check the proper functioning of the services offered. Such navigation data is stored for seven days, and will be immediately deleted after they are added, unless judicial Authorities require their verification.

Purposes of the processing

The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of messages to the contact addresses of Clerici Tessuto & C. s.p.a., together with the filling out and the submission of the forms on the websites, result in the acquisition of the sender’s contact details required to reply, as well as all personal data included in the communications.
Your data may be used to reply to your messages, to send, with prior, express, free and specific consent, emails for marketing purposes related to events or promotions; for your purchases on our e-commerce platform shop.newtess.com.
You may exercise your right not to authorize the use of your personal data, that is to withhold your consent, at any time by sending written communication to the contacts mentioned under the section “Your rights”.
Specifically, personal data is collected, consulted and processed for the following purposes:

Contact Form
Personal data collection useful for being subsequently contacted by the Controller of the Processing

Newsletter Subscription
Personal data collection to send marketing material, such as information on events and projects we take part in, new collections, fashion tips, promotions, etc.

E-commerce website checkout
Personal data collection to sell products/services and manage the sales and post-sales process.

Transfer of and access to your data

The Company – without your consent needed – may disclose your personal data to companies within the group and authorized persons within the group. Such data may be brought to the attention of employees and/or collaborators, in their role as processors, by virtue of their tasks and competences, as well as to consultants and collaborators, as external controllers, from whom we will require treatment pursuant to national and European provisions on Privacy as follows:

COMCEPT S.R.L via Rezzonico 61 Como (for site management).

Storage of your data

The company will store your data until the conclusion of the contract and for 10 years following (after which the rights arising from this contract will lapse), except for data related to Newsletter subscription, as, for this processing, the company will erase all data collected during registration after 24 months from the last access to the system. For further information on specific aspects of the erasure, please contact the Company.

Your Rights

With reference to the data processed, the Company ensures that you may:

receive confirmation regarding the possible presence of your personal data and their copy in an intelligible form;
have your data updated, rectified or integrated;
request the erasure of your data, under the terms established by legislation, or their anonymization;
object, in whole or in part, to the processing of your personal data on legitimate grounds;
limit the processing in case of breach, request for rectification or objection;
ask for the portability of the data processed electronically, provided on the basis of prior consent or a contract;
withdraw your consent to the processing of your data, where possible.
We inform you that the Company commits to replying to your requests within one month, except for in particularly complex situations, when we it will respond within 3 months at the latest. In each case, the Company will explain the reason for such a late reply within one month from your request.

Requests must be in a written form and sent to the data controller at the e-mail address privacy@clericitessuto.it.

You will receive the result of your request in a written or electronic form. In case you wish to ask for the rectification, erasure, or limitation of the processing, the Company commits to communicating the result of your requests to each recipient of your data, unless it is impossible or involves a disproportionate effort.

We also remind you that the withdrawal of your consent shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before the withdrawal.

The Company may request a contribution from you in case your questions appear to be manifestly unfounded, excessive or repetitive; in this regard, the Company has introduced a register to keep a record of your requests for intervention.

Cookies Policy

Pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree nr. 196/2003, Code on personal data protection, of EU Regulation 2016/679 and in compliance with Provision 229/2014 of the Personal Data Protection Supervisor, this Cookies Policy aims to provide you information on the types, purposes, use and management methods of the cookies used by this website.

Characteristics and purposes of the cookie

A cookie is a portion of data stored on a computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device when navigating the Internet, so that said device can be later recognized. Cookies are used to manage authentications, monitor sessions and store the user’s preferences.

Cookies can be saved on the device and be functional for a variable period of time or get erased when closing the browser.

Some cookies are fundamental, as they support essential functions of our website, such as the storage of items in the cart or access to reserved areas. Besides navigation, or session, cookies, on this website functionality cookies are also used, which allows the memorization of choices made by the user (such as language or country) and the offering of an advanced and personalized service.

We also use other technical cookies to keep a record, pursuant to current legislation, of the acceptance of cookies, when received.

To find out more about the list of cookies used, please consult the list at the following section: “Profiling cookies”.

Technical and analytical cookies

Technical cookies are used to enable your navigation and the use of its functionalities. They are first-party cookies as well, as we directly transmit them to the website.

Some technical cookies are fundamental for offering you the best navigation or to allow your authentication on the website, for purchases on the Website or for accessing your reserved area (so-called functionality cookies). Navigation cookies are generally session cookies and, therefore, once the browser is closed, they are automatically disabled.

Other technical cookies are useful for allowing you to store some of your preferences (such as language or country) without having to reset them when further visiting the website (so-called functionality cookies).

For this reason, functionality cookies are often persistent cookies, as they remain stored in your computer also after closing the browser, until their expiry date, or until you decide to delete them.

Third-party analytical cookies

Third party-cookies are set by a domain different to the one visited by the user. Such cookies are used to collect information on the use of the website by the users, such as pages visited, time spent on them, origin of the traffic, geographic origin, language, browser, operating system, search keywords, input and output links, different pages visited and so on. Such Data is collected and processed anonymously in order to examine how users behave when visiting the website, to improve its usability and the user experience, and to offer more interesting content that also meet the needs of the users.

The Website uses third party-cookies.

Such cookies concern the functionalities developed by third parties in services used on the Website, such as widgets made available by Social Networks (for instance Facebook, Twitter, …), in order to share the content of the website or to use the software services of third parties (for instance to integrate YouTube, Vimeo videos… or maps from Google Maps, …) or analytical cookies such as the ones of Google Analytics. Such cookies are sent by third-party domains and by partner websites that offer their functionalities to the Website. Disabling them will not compromise the use of the website, except for sections in which widgets can be installed and, in certain cases, the possibility of a quick sharing of the content or to comment on some areas of the website.

For further information on Google Analytics (service provided by Google Inc.), please consult the related website.

Our cookies, nonetheless, collect information anonymously, including the number of visitors to the website, country of origin and pages visited.

As provided by current legislation on privacy, the installation of such cookies does not require your prior consent. In any case, you are free to block the installation of technical and analytical cookies by changing the settings of your browser. However, you should consider that, by blocking the installation of technical cookies, or later deleting them, the possibility of accessing the Website, using it in whole or in part, enabling and disabling specific functions or receiving specific services may be in whole or in part compromised.

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are used to create your user profile, based on the preferences and tastes resulting from your navigation and to send you messages consistent with your profile. In this way, such messages may be more interesting for you.

As provided by current legislation on privacy, your prior consent is required to install such cookies. For this reason, when you access particular sections of the Websites installing such cookies, a specific visible banner is displayed, which informs you that (i) profiling cookies are used for said section of the website and that (ii) your consent is needed to install them. If you consent to the installation of the cookies in this way, a record your consent will be held through a specific technical cookie.

In any case, you are free to block the installation of profiling cookies anytime, without damaging the possibility of visiting the website and viewing it content. Such cookies are permanent and last no longer than 10 years.

We confirm that, at the moment, we do not use profiling cookies.

Below is a list of the cookies used and the information they contain:

As for the website shop.newtess.com, the following Cookies are used to save users’ sessions and to carry out activities necessary for its functioning:

woocommerce_cart_hash e woocommerce_items_in_cart: contain information on the cart and on when it is updated and changed.
wp_woocommerce_session_: contains a unique code for each customer related to the cart for that session.
woocommerce_recently_viewed: contains the IDs of the products recently viewed during a session.
qtrans_front_language: contains the code of the navigation language (for instance, “it”, “en”, “fr”), (for instance, 1 year of duration, overwritten when choosing another language);
displayCookieConsent: contains “Y”, to store the acceptance of the Cookie Policy, with a duration of 1 year.
For the management of the chat (third-party service), please consult https://www.olark.com/help/cookies

For WooCommerce (e-commerce software): https://docs.woothemes.com/document/woocommerce-cookies/;
For WordPress (CMS platform): https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Cookies;
qtrans_front_language: session cookies set to store the navigation language in order to display contents in the language chosen.

Saving preferences, optimization and statistics

For the aforementioned websites, Cookies are used to store navigational preferences and optimize the User’s experience. They include, for instance, cookies to set the language or for the management of statistics by the Controller of the website.


Google Analytics with anonymized IP address (Google Inc.)
Google Analytics is an analysis tool provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the Personal Data collected to track and examine the use of the aforementioned websites and create reports. Google may use anonymized Personal Data to contextualize and personalize advertisements in its own advertisement network, as the integration of Google Analytics makes your IP address anonymous. This anonymization occurs by abbreviating the IP address of the Users within the Member States of the European Union or in other Countries party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the IP address be sent to Google’s servers and abbreviated within the United States.

Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Country of processing: USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out.

View of contents of external platforms

Such services allow the user to view the content of external platforms directly from the pages of the websites indicated below and to interact with them.

If such a service is installed, it is possible that, even if the Users do not use the service, it collects traffic data on the pages in which it is installed.

The following cookies allow the user to view contents on external platforms directly from the pages of

and to interact with them. If such service a is installed, it is possible that, even if the Users do not use the service, it collects traffic data on the web pages it is installed on.

Video Vimeo (Vimeo, LLC)
Vimeo is a video watching service managed by Vimeo, LLC, which allows the websites above mentioned to integrate such contents in their pages.

Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Country of processing: USA – Privacy Policy.

Video Widget YouTube (Google Inc.)
YouTube is a video watching service managed by Google Inc., which allows the aforementioned websites to integrate such contents in their pages.

Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Country of processing: USA – Privacy Policy.

Widget Google Maps (Google Inc.)
Google Maps is a map visualization service managed by Google Inc., which allows the aforementioned websites to integrate such content in their pages.

Personal data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Country of processing: USA – Privacy Policy.

Account registration

For each client registering, we provide direct access to the data stored on our website (customer account). Here, you will be able to view your data and other information, such as price lists, items for sale (price, composition, availability, etc.), data relating to orders placed, orders in progress and details of your last items shipped; furthermore, you will be able to manage information regarding the billing and shipping address for the goods.

We remind you that we process your personal data as strictly confidential (password) and we do not share them with any third parties. We will not take responsibility for passwords used unlawfully, except for cases in which the violation is a result of our specific responsibilities.

The “stay connected” feature, with which we want to make your access to our platform easier and more immediate, allows you to use our services without the need to enter your password with every access.

We also remind you that the “stay connected” feature will not be available if your browser it set to automatically delete the cookies stored during each session.

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